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Dyeing to learn - hardcopy book

Dyeing to learn - hardcopy book

"Dyeing to Learn" is a book aimed at people wanting to start learning to dye with acid dyes. In the book you will learn about colour theory, acid dyes, hand dyeing yarn using 4 different techniques and methods (semi-solids, hand painted, speckled and varigated yarns). The book even comes with planning pages and a note section so you can keep track of your learning process.

When writing this book i took a more "user friendly" approach so it is easy to follow with pictures as well as written instructions. My goal when writing this was to make dyeing at home more easily accessible to people without the need to buy fancy equipment/lots of extra things and make it simple to understand with everything you need to know right in one place.

If you have any questions about the book please just send me a message


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